Easy Light Feeder

ELF | Easy Light Feeder

  • Hang Christmas & holiday light strings on trees over 20 feet tall in minutes with No Ladder
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States
  • Works with most holiday light strings
  • Made of durable ABS plastic for years of dependable use
  • Fits most telescoping extension poles (not included) with standard ¾ inch ACME threads
  • Light strings feed virtually tangle free
  • Includes the ELF Hook, a great tool for making fine adjustments and taking lights down after the holiday or special occasion.

The Kit Includes

ELF Light Feeder

ELF Light Feeder – The ELF is a durable light-weight device that attaches to any extension pole with standard 3/4” ACME threads. Careful design considerations were given to shape and surfaces to allow strings of lights to pass through smoothly for placement at elevated heights.

ELF Hook

ELF Hook – This clever hook attaches to the extension pole for making fine adjustments after the lights are hung. It is designed with a center slot which allows the light wire to drop in for control when pulling the string in a horizontal direction or grabbing the plug end.


ELF users have diverse requirements for the right size pole to fit their decorating needs. That said, it was designed to fit just about any extendable pole (painters pole) with a standard ¾” ACME thread. Our only recommendation is to select a quality pole that is fairly rigid when extended to desired height.  Here is a link to a pole that we can recommend for purchase at Amazon – Wooster Sherlock Extension Pole