If you are not quite ready for the complete ELF | Easy Light Feeder kit for your holiday decorating needs, the ELF Hook is the next best thing.

This clever hook attached to just about any extension pole with Standard 3/4 ACME threads (not included) for hanging your holiday light strings or taking them down after the holiday or special occasion.  It was thoughtfully designed with a center slot which allows the light wire to drop in for complete control when pulling the string in a horizontal direction or grabbing the plug end.  Not only in the Hook great for your decorating needs, it will serve a multitude of hanging and grabbing tasks around the home, on the boat or at the campsite.

$14.99 – Buy Now at Amazon


  • Proudly manufactured in the United States with a 100% LIFETIME warranty, the ELF Hook is the perfect addition to your Holiday decorating tool collection.
  • Hang your Christmas lights and decorations safely and with ease.
  • Fits almost any telescoping extension pole (not included) with standard ¾ inch ACME thread and is constructed of ABS plastic for years of corrosion free use.
  • The sturdy plastic construction prevents bending under pressure and will not scratch surfaces.
  • Cleverly designed with center slot for holding the light string between bulbs or at plug end for total control, pulling and stretching.
  • The additional downward facing hook provides ability to pull light string or object towards you for more versatility.

Lifetime Warranty:
If your hook ever breaks, simply send an email to info@elfeasy.com with a photo of the broken hook along with an photo of your receipt, and ELF Easy will send you a replacement hook.  This Warranty applies only to Hooks purchased separately.  Shipping and handling charges may apply.